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How long can I use the app for free?
You can use the app for free forever.
Can I use the app on iPhone 5 or 6?
No. It requires iPhone 6s or later.
Can I use the app on Android smartphones?
You can download it from
Can I use the app on my iPad?
Yes. You can use it on iPad (5th generation) or later, or on iPad Pro.
Can I use it on my PC (Windows or Mac)?
No. But you can try Web version. Open the site in your browser.
Where can I find the Privacy Policy and Individual Bylaws in the Terms and Conditions?
The “Individual Bylaws” referred to in the Terms of Conditions are “Privacy Policy” and “How to Use”, which you can find in the Menu.
What kinds of information does the App take from the iPhone?
The app neither acquire any information from the device, nor submit any information to any server.
How can I cancel the app?
Just remove the app. There is no information about users in the server.
Is it possible to change the font size?
The font size for the iPhone version is fixed and cannot be changed.
The font size for the Android version is linked to the system font size. You can change the font size by going to "Settings > Screen > Font Size".